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University of Split School of Medicine

Follow the step!

Make sure that you read our statutes!

If you skipped this step, here is a link to read them.

If you are not part of the medical English program, unfortunately you are not allowed to be member of our association. You want to integrate our University, find here all information you need.

Which benefits do I get by joining the association?

By joining the association:

  • I am aware that my interest, as a medical student, is defended to the authorities within the University.
  • My voice counts and I am an actor of the development of the International Students Association.
  • I meet new people, new students from the Medical University, from the other Faculties of Split, and from around the world.
  • I have access to the Events organised by the association.
  • I have free access to join the Activities held by the association (Movember, Soccer...).
  • I have the opportunity to create my own projects related with extra-universitary activities (sports, culture...), public health or other subjects.
  • I have the possibility to attend exchange programs with University from Europe, U.S.A., Canada and other parts of the world.
  • I have free access to all the documents/presentations needed to manage my studies successfully.
  • I can have, as a first year student, a mentor that give me advice, help me in my organisation and my studies.
  • I am aware of the "good addresses" in Split, very useful for any kind of wishes.
  • I am part of a wide network of medical students and doctors lifelong.
  • I am beneficiary of discounts thanks to the partnerships made by the association with apartments rental agencies, taxi companies, sports centres (soccer, spa...), bookstores, Croatian classes.

Register now on the link below:

If you are part of the medical English program in the University of Split:

  • Please be aware that, in accordance with the Article 10 - Membership, Resignation, Exclusion - of the statues, the article 10.2. defines that: "By registering on ISA's website, one accept automatically ISA's statues."
  • Click on "Register" to start the inscription: