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University of Split School of Medicine


Who are we?

ISA USSM or International Students Association, University of Split School of Medicine.

ISA has various roles:

  1. Simplify the relations, interactions, and transfers of information in between the University of Split School of Medicine and the international students in English program by using an internet platform.
  2. Promote contact and develop collegiality among medical students and students from other Faculties of Split.
  3. Provide extra-universitary activities with financial benefits in terms of: course materials, photocopying and printing, sports, Croatian courses, transport, cultural activities, social life events...
  4. Develop or implement actions in the field of public health and humanitarian medicine
  5. Defend the interests of medical students in their education and future profession, especially to the authorities within the University (the University Assembly) and other relevant medical associations.

ISA is there to support all University and extra-University students projects and helps to develop students to develop them.

If you are interested in joining us, or even if your still not sure click here to have additional information! 

General Organization

Organizational structureButton Text

We distinguish in ISA different protagonists:

  • Members: all medical student in English program who signed membership conditions can be member of the association, which allows one to participate in projects, enjoy the sponsorship and obtain the support of the ISA in all necessary situations.
  • Team leader: member of ISA responsible for a project of the association, manages its project independently from the Board of Directors of ISA. However, they must keep their Directors informed of the progress of the project, have to stick to their requirements and comply with team leaser Charter.
  • Academic Representatives: are the students who, in their respective academic year, represent their class within the University and ISA's Board of Directors.
  • Board of Directors: is the executive body of the Association, whose members are elected by all members of the ISA at the General Assembly. Members part of the Board of Directors share the tasks of management and organization of the Association, and meet at least every two weeks.
  • General Assembly: it is the meeting place of the Board of Directors and the members, it takes place at least twice per academic year.

List of ISA members for 2015-2016



Here are the requirements of the different members of the association:


ISA's Statutes


Annual Activity Report

Each year, the ISA's Board of Directors wrote a report on the association's activities that took place during the year. This must then be approved by the General Assembly. We do not have any for the moment considering that it is the first year of our association.