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University of Split School of Medicine

Extra Campus

Director Events: Andreas Wolk (4th year)

[email protected]

Director Activities: Julian Kaufman (5th year)

[email protected]

Activities organization include students from the first to the last year. There are essentially two types of activities: those to promote prevention and those rather for the well being and fulfillment of our students themselves.

Activities never stop recruiting and to innovate. ISA is thus supporting one to enable the realization of its projects. You think you have an idea to improve the health of our community and the welfare of our students? You would like to bring your stone to this magnificent building?

Medical studies are probably one of the longest and most difficult studies. Thus, students who choose this path are known to be among the most serious and most workers. But we have another reputation to uphold: we know how to party!

The main purpose of organizing events is to entertain you by offering you unforgettable evenings, which allow you to relieve pressure. Furthermore, it is also an important sector for the financing of the Association. The Events are led by the Director of Events. But it is also a real team, a student army that give a helping hand. Whether throughout the year, or occasionally, we thank again all those who have given us some of their time! Evenings vary from year to year, but some great evenings traditionally come back every year.